The transaction verification option has been designed to give control of payment confirmations in the system. It creates a flexible environment, where multiple users with individually assigned codes can confirm transactions. These can also be viewed in a detailed report.

This option can be activated via the administrator account, by clicking on Configurations from the main menu screen

Now click, Transaction verifications


Next, you will create a new transaction verification account. Enter a name for the user and assign a 4-digit code.


Once the verification account has been created for the user, they can then proceed to process transactions.

In the following example a customer transaction has been created in the point of sale system. An attempt to confirm the transaction has been made by the user entering their code.

In this example the code was not recognised. Only a user with a valid code will be permitted to confirm the transaction.

In some cases there may be several staff members using the same system POS. You can view the Daily reports section to view more details


Select Income to view a list of all payments made, and identify which user generated that particular transaction.


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