This configuration will list the all the accommodation in your business, and will determine what type of room and category they will be listed as.

You should first identify the all the accommodation you offer and think about whether they can be categorized differently. 

Select Configurations from the main menu screen, followed by Rooms, rates and seasons.

Add new private room category

You should find yourself working under the tab labelled Room type. Start by clicking the Add Category button next to Private rooms header. First of all you must give a category name to all private rooms you have. For example, "Single", "Double" and so on, or you may offer apartments, cabins or another category to be individually defined.

Now you can enter the maximum guest capacity for that room, the order you would like it to appear in the reservation calendar, and the quantity of rooms of this type you have. You can also use the check box to choose whether these rooms will be listed on your online booking engine, and add a label that will be displayed online.


Add new Shared room category

If you offer shared rooms such, as hostel style dormitories then you can follow the same steps. The "quantity" will define the amount of individual beds with in the shared room.

Once you have configured all the categories, you are now ready to edit the rooms, or individual beds if editing a shared room. You can assign a room/bed number or name, change the display order or add and remove rooms and beds from the category altogether.






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