LobbyPMS, offers a 'software as a service' (SaaS) delivery model, which is a growing trend in the software industry.

When subscribing to LobbyPMS, you are not purchasing a traditional software license, as was previously the norm with software sales models. This means we will not send a contract to your company, nor any hardware or storage devices requiring installation to your local computer system (CD, DVD, USB, etc.). When using LobbyPMS your company will be subscribing to our special web based service, where you can access hotel management software hosted on a central network.

With that said, there are some frequently asked questions from our customers regarding the usage agreement of the service

  1. Is it required to sign a contract to use the service?
    To use LobbyPMS you do not have to sign any contract. The law requires us to use terms and conditions of use of the application that are clearly set out in the system so that users can access and read them easily. When you register your establishment and start using the system, it is understood that these terms and conditions are accepted by both parties (the user and LobbyPMS)
  2. What should I do if a control entity asks me to show a LobbyPMS license?
    In this case, you must indicate that LobbyPMS does not sell licenses and that your company pays for a cloud service, embodied in terms and conditions that are defined in the platform. Additionally, you must show the invoice of your last payment of the service.
  3. Is my business information private and protected?
    As required by law, in the terms and conditions of use of the system, LobbyPMS data protection policies are defined. Through these policies, our company is legally committed to keeping your information protected.
  4. How do I contract the service?
    You just need to create an account at www.lobbypms.com and accept the terms and conditions. When you create an account you are entitled to a free 15-day trial. During this period of time you can parameterize all the hotel information and start using all the functions of the platform. You can contact the support team and access all the help manuals. After completing the trial period, you must activate a subscription plan to continue using the platform. The monthly rate depends on the number of rooms in the property and payment is made by credit card. You can select the monthly or annual payment method and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

    If you require an expert lobbypms advisor to parameterize the system and configure advanced functions then you must have an active subscription. Then you must contact the support team and request a video call for this advice. Our team will schedule the meeting and will contact you to confirm it.
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