Minimum System Requirement

LobbyPMS is a web platform, then you only need a device connected to the internet to log in from everywhere around the world.

Like any other system, the LobbyPMS platform has some minimal hardware requirements in order to provide good performance in all the system interfaces.


Minimal computer requirements

You can operate it with a laptop or desktop computer. It is not relevant if you are on Windows, Linux or MacOS. We recommend working with the latest version of Google Chrome but you can also work with other internet browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. LobbyPMS could present failures in some functions if you run it on Apple Safari.

It is recommended a dual core procesor or more with at least 1.5 GHz. We also recommend at least 4 GB but if you are going to work with Google Chrome it is better to have 8GB of RAM. Working with less RAM could affect the speed of the calendar in LobbyPMS.

The Hard Drive space, it is recommended working with a storage size that allows your computer to run smoothly.

It is recommended working with a screen that supports 1280 pixels wide. You can check the screen resolution in the computer settings. If it possible, enable the resolution bigger than 1280 pixels. 

The Internet conection is important but it is not necesary having a dedicated conection. If the machine runs with the specifications mentioned you can operate LobbyPMS with 5 Mpbs bandwith or above. If you are sharing internet with your clients it is important to have a different connection. The wired connections are more stable. 

Remember asking for the LobbyPMS offline plug in. This can be installed on Windows or MacOS and it allows you to check information after the internet is disconected. This is important to keep working offline without affecting your operations.

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