Configure connection between LobbyPMS and Part 2

Part 2

After completing Part 1, setting up your Myallocater account and obtaining an authentication token, the next step is to connfigure the settings with your LobbyPMS account.

Start by entering LobbyPMS, Configurations > Channel Manger. On the bottom right hand section you will find a Configurations menu. There are three options here that are very important to achieve a your desired connection between LobbyPMS and Myallocater.


Use Channel manager rates when the bookings are saved

When you configure your rates you may want to offer different rates for each sales channel, for example, percentage increases or discounts. Since you will be configuring those rates using myallocator it is important these are saved correctly so the correct price is charged to the customer. If not, the system will overwrite all rates to the default prices configured in Optiloging, regardless of the sales channel that is used. It is advisable to leave this option activated.

Enable booking changes from Channel Manager

This option will dictate how modifications from the OTA are managed. When it is disabled any changes will be done immediately, otherwise a notification will be sent that a change has been made.


If a guest makes a booking via and then makes a modification to this reservation, the normal procedure for the system to make this change, is to delete the original and automatically create a new booking including the customers changes. If check-in has already been completed however, then additional data already saved such as additional purchases will be lost from the system.

Therefore if you do not want LobbyPMS to automatically overwrite the reservation, you can  instead choose to disable this option in order to receive an email indicating that the reservation has updates which you can manually update.

Do not send rates to the channel manager

This third option is for establishments that prefer to manage their rates directly from the Channel Manager, and not use the tariff setting offered by LobbyPMS.


An business that does not have any fixed prices and uses dynamic rates.

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