Configure connection between LobbyPMS and Part 1

Part 1

In order to set up a connection between LobbyPMS and  MyAllocater, you will first need to ensure you have a properly configured Myallocator account.

MyAllocator offers a 30-day trial period to all new customers, where you can test the functionality of the Channel Manager. After this period you will need to subscribe to MyAllocator in order to continue using this function.

You must first configure all your rooms and business rules in your myallocator account, in order for the channel manager to function properly with different OTAS (Online Travel Agencies). Once this is complete, you will be able to synchronize all the OTAS through the channel configurations of myallocator.

Activate the LobbyPMS to your MyAllocator account

Having already configured your MyAllocator account, you must then activate the PMS connection to synchronize the channel manager with LobbyPMS. Enter the Manager menu, and on the left hand side menu and click on "PMS Conections"

Activar LobbyPMS a su cuenta de MyAllocator

Despues de tener configurada su cuenta de MyAllocator, debe activar la conexión PMS a su cuenta, para sincronizar el channel manager con LobbyPMS. IIngrese  al menú Manager, y menú lateral izquierdo y haga clic en "PMS Conections"


You will see a drop down list "Connect to PMS" find "LobbyPMS" list and click on "ADD"


You will be allocated an authentication token that gives LobbyPMS permission to access your MyAllocator account to synchronize availability and reservations.

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