This functionality allows you to import the list of sales products to LobbyPMS using an Excel file.

To perform the import process of sales products you must perform the following steps:

1. Download the the Lista de Productos.xlsx file attached in this manual.

2. Enter the product data in the template, taking into account the following considerations: 

  • The orange columns are mandatory.
  • The "Category" column must match the categories previously created in the system.
  • The "Price" column must contain figures without commas. 
  • The "Units of Measurements" column must be assigned as it will be in the product control. Example:  Soft Drinks - Unit of Measurements: Bottles.
  • In the columns "Disable at point of sale", "No stock control" and "Enable for booking engine", if you want to enable these options, you can enter "YES".      importar_productos_1.png
  • In the "Taxes" columns you can enter which taxes are included in the sales value. If there are more than one, you can enter them in the other fields.

If you have another property with lobbypms, you can import the product listing from that property. 

    1. Login to the other property's account
    2. continue by going to Menu > Settings > users, permissions and API
    3. click on the "API Access" tab and then click on "View API Token".
    4. Copy and paste the API code into the "Import from another property" button in the account you were previously configuring

The system shows you the number of categories and quantity of products to import from the other account and proceed by clicking on "import info"

Important notes:  

The system ignores products that do not have the required fields filled in.

Remember to create the categories and taxes in the system before importing the list of products. 

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