This function allows you to import your reservations, into LobbyPMS using a simple Excel file.

To carry this out you must perform the following steps:

1. Download and open the files named Template for reservations, List of countries and Channel codes from the bottom of this tutorial page

2. Enter your reservation data into the template file. You should take the following information into account:

The following fields are highlighted with orange columns and are mandatory fields. You must enter data in these columns to import correctly.

  • Creation Date
  • Check In Date
  • Check Out Date
  • Number Of Nights*
  • Name
  • Room Code**

*The number of nights is calculated automatically by the template after entering the Check In and Check Out dates.

**The room codes can be found in the LobbyPMS system. select Configurations from the main menu screen, followed by Rooms, rates and seasons. Click on the name of the rooms you have configured to view the identifying codes to use on in the template.

Columns highlighted in Blue are are optional. If you do input data here it should be in the following format:

  • Country Code: Enter the country code here. Download the file named list of countries at the bottom of this tutorial to view.
  • Channel: Download the Channel codes file to view the corresponding codes to for the list of booking channels (, Hostelworld, Expedia, etc)
  • Total Price: This should be the total price the customer must pay for all accommodations reserved.

Columns highlighted in Green should have the following information taken into account:

  • If the reservation is for a private room then leave the Occupants field empty and only enter the number of rooms to be reserved.
  • If on the other hand, the reservation is for a shared dormitory, then only enter the Occupants field, indicating the number of people that will be staying in the dormitory.

If the reservation has already had a full or partial payment made, you must enter that value and the payment method used. This payment method must match the name given when configuring your payment types in the LobbyPMS system. You can view and edit these by selecting the Configure payment methods from the Configurations menu.

3. When you are ready to import the file, select Configurations from the main menu screen, followed by Import information. Click on the tab Import bookings and attach your Excel file.

4. At the end of the import process, the system will display the amount of reservations that were successfully uploaded.


If any of the reservations saved on your Excel file is scheduled for a date with no availability, then the system will ignore this data and continue to upload the other reservations.

The system will also ignore reservations that do not have all the required data, and those that have incorrect room codes.

If reservations are imported from the CSV generated by MyAllocator, it is important to keep in mind that the value of the reservation includes the commission.





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