First we need to enter to the account Paypal of the establishment which will receive the payments.

Once we initiate our process, deposit the following url which will allow us to extract the information to complete the configuration: 

It must be keep in mind that the top displays on the screen the login that we had made before


After that we look for the REST API Apps option where we can create a name to identify the configuration and then create the app.


Once created, the system will send the configuration for this app. You have to select Live and copy paste the Client ID link. 

The Image below shows how to do the whole thing.


After that, we need go Configuration/ Reservation Motor to select made deposit before reservation has been confirmed.


Here paste the Client ID

On Paypal site clicked show in the same menu option.

Copy Api Key

To paste on Lobby PMS

We need to set up a payment method and save it.

All set up notice successfully.




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